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Who We Help

  • Veterans

  • Young adults/College Age

  • Adults

  • Seniors

  • Professionals

Senior Men Playing Chess

I strive to help clients reach their full potential, build
confidence, and improve communication skills. I offer therapy for young adults and
adults dealing with a range of issues from life transitions, family conflict, school
conflict, interpersonal issues, stressful life events, and more.

Veterans and Military Families

One third of veterans return home with mental health challenges that may lead to an increased risk of suicide. Only half of at-risk veterans receive the mental health support they need. Having the courage to seek help is the first step to feeling better. It is not necessary to endure hardships on your own. Partnering with a trusted counselor who uses evidence-based techniques can drastically improve the outcome for those affected. Valiant Strides Counseling provides world-class care, support, and achievable goals for members of the military community impacted by extreme mental and physical wounds. As well as treatment and support for family members and close friends deeply affected by challenges like deployment cycles or loss of loved ones.

My nonjudgmental point of view and unconditional positive regard are some of the most fundamental aspects of my counseling practice. I look forward to hearing your stories, learning your concerns, and working with you to understand the unique ways we can work together.

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California Girls

Young Adults/College Age

Valiant Strides Counseling creates a comfortable, positive atmosphere where young adults can feel at ease. We incorporate creativity into each experience using music, games, journaling and more; working in collaboration with each client to successfully track and accomplish goals.

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